Wiper Premium P70 S 7000m² inc 4G

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Wiper Premium P70 S 7000m²

The Zucchetti Wiper P70 S Robotic Lawnmower covers Up To 7000m² and is both attractive design and full of advanced technology. The new P70 Scan manage lawns up to 7000m² and work for seven consecutive hours, while maintaining high mowing performance. The touchscreen display makes programming simple and intuitive. The standard ZCS Connect module ensures safety and ease of use.

About Zucchetti:
* Zuchetti was founded 1985 in Italy, and are a world leader in automation, and renewable technologies.
* Over 18 years in the Robotic Lawnmower market
* Products are Hand Built in Italy
* 98% of the components used are European made, with batteries and PCB boards being manufactured on-site
* Every product individually tested by hand as it comes off the assembly line

At A Glance - Zucchetti Wiper P70 S: 
* The new P70 S is designed to mow lawns up to 7000m². Regular cutting means grass is turned into micro clippings which are mulched into the lawn to return essential moisture and nutrients.
* The touchscreen display makes programming simple and intuitive.
* The ZCS module Connect module ensures safety and ease of use. 
* Heavy duty, high efficiency brushless motors
* 15Ah Lithium-ion battery
* Mow up to 8 separate areas
* Eco mode Sensor
* Recognises the mown areas of lawn and reduce working times to the benefit of the lawn and reduce wear on the robot
* Spiral Cut 
* Just as it's able to detect areas of short grass, the P70 S can detect areas of long and thick. Once it reaches areas like these, it begins mowing in a spiral to focus all of its efforts, resulting in a perfect and even finish.
* Fully automatic operation; Departs, mows & returns to recharge autonomously
* Super sharp 4 point solid blade
* Close to edge cutting
* ZCS Connect Module
* Connect and interact with your mower at any time, from anywhere (with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet). Set profiles, verify the robots location with GPS and even set exclusion zones / working areas. 
* Advanced GPS anti-theft system
* Set up a geo-fence alarm; get alerted if your mower goes outside a GPS set perimeter. 
* Bluetooth
* Allows updating of the software and mowing with robot at close range in remote control mode; idea for mowing small unwired areas or moving your robot around. 
* 'Smart Partition' Cutting System
* The robot creates and stores virtual maps of the area to be mown and remembers the working times used for each area.
* When the robot is working in an area that has not been mowed for some time, it cuts the grass with a spiral system overlapping with the random cutting.
* Latest generation motherboard; faster processing with lower power consumption
* Integrated rain sensor

Specifications Zucchetti Wiper P70 S Robotic Lawnmower - Up To 7,000m²

Max sq.mt suggested (-20%) 7.000
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 1 x 15 Ah
Max allowable slope (%) 45%
Max Slope (%) 35%
Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average working time +-20% 07:00 hrs
Recharge mode Contact

Cutting System
Blade type Knive med 4 blader
Cutting width 36 cm
Cutting height 24-64 mm
Spiral Cutting Yes
Cut Smart Partitions Yes
Self-Leveling 2 wheel drive
Eco Mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Maximum managed areas 8

Compass system Yes
Connect Module (GPS, GSM) - 1 Yes

Control Devices
User Interface Touchscreen Display
APP Control Bluetooth-GSM
Bluetooth receiver Yes
SMS Alert -

Lifting/Tip-over sensor Yes
Push/Stop emergency Button Yes
PIN Code No

Standard Equipment for installation
Charging Station Yes
Cover Recharging Base: Optional

Weight with Batteries Incl. (Kg) 18,4
Robot Dimension (lxpxh) 700x480x300 mm
Wheel Profile Flex Rubber
Power Sound - db(A) 69
Level of protection IP44
Latest generation motherboard
Touch Display
Bluetooth & GSM
ZCS Connect
High efficiency brushless motors
Powerful lithium-ion batteries
Slopes up to 45%
Manage up to 8 separate areas
Rear wheel
Smart Partition cutting system
2 Year Warranty


Since it was released, the P series has dominated the world of robots due to its high coverage capacity and handling of large areas. It features reliable mechanics, ability to adapt to any surface and a run time that is unique on the market.
The new P has now been reviewed and updated. It has new electronics, mechanics that are even more reliable and quieter, latest generation navigation systems and a touch screen display for easy and intuitive interaction. Remote App for full robot management. Optimisation of the batteries provided, which together with the GPS navigation system, offer even higher coverage, but in less time. All of this makes it unique in a market where only a few dare to enter.