The new Robomow RKS1500 model 2024 is an extremely quiet robotic lawnmower with edge mowing function and easy control via the push button or via the Robomow app via Bluetooth or WiFi (2.4 GHz). After installation and simple programming, this robotic mower takes the work out of your hands. The new floating cutting plane optimally follows the relief of the lawn. With the razor-sharp patented multi-cut blade system, a cutting width of 19 cm and a height of cut between 20 and 70 mm electronically adjustable via dial, the floating cutting deck that follows uneven terrain is an absolute added value for your lawn. The cut grass is finely shredded according to the mulching principle so that it reappears among the grass blades and serves as nutrition for your lawn! So there is less moisture evaporation from the soil and you need to fertilise less. With an extremely quiet mowing system, your peace of mind and that of local residents is absolutely guaranteed. Thanks to the unique edging mode with eccentric blades, the Robomow RKS1500 can mow right up to the wheelbase. The Robomow RKS1500 is equipped with fall and tilt sensors, an anti-theft code and an alarm. Make it easy on yourself and become the proud owner of this latest model within Robomow’s RKS series.

Robomow offers with the app for your iPhone or Android to easily set up and move your RKS1500 (via remote control).

Model number 22AKDABB619
Recommended lawn size [m2] 1500
Cutting width 19
Cutting height 20–70 mm
Sub-zones / separated zones 1 main zone, 4 sub-zones, separate zones
Installation material included
Number of pegs
Mowing motors DCBrushless
Drive motors DC Brushless
Max. incline mowing area 35% / 19°
Max. incline wire on slope 27% / 15°
Noise level 52 / 63 / 64
Mowing time 105 min
Charging time 75 min
Battery type 18,5 V Li-Ion
Battery capacity spec 4,9 Ah / 90,7 Wh
Power consumption 4,8 kWh/month
Anti-theft Standard
Mowing schedule Standard
Modular design
Floating deck Standard
Wire Standard
GSM module
RoboHome Available as accessory (122-080-619)
Warranty 3 years + 1 year with product registration