AWD KX LS Ultra Premium 6000 sqm


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K AWD: four-wheel drive for a real 4×4 sloping performance. The new “K AWD” series overcomes slopes up to 65%, perfectly follows the shape of the ground thanks to its jointed cutting plate, and keeps the possibility to choose the power supply module and the battery in accordance with the needs of coverage. “K AWD” series represents the most suitable solution for all types of garden, both flat or sloping. The rear part includes the robot’s heart and traction. The front part, connected to traction by an articulated joint, includes the cutting group besides the active securities and the impact detection sensors. The two units are strictly connected and independent from each other at the same time.

Code WI043L413Z
Maximum cutting area – Up to … 6000 m2
Managed areas (including the main area) 8
Maximum slope♦ [%] 60%
Maximum slope close to the perimeter wire (%) 55%
Li-Ion battery (25.9 V) 10.35Ah (260Wh)
Average working time +/- 20% (hours) 4:00
Charging time (hours) 1:30
Motor type Brushless
Self-leveling traction y
Wheel’s profile Flex Rubber
Max speed mt/min (default) 35
Rain sensor y
Fast return y
Return to docking station – following wire y
Return to docking station – V-meter system y
Return to docking station – GPS assisted y
User’s interface Display Touch
Control through “My Robot Wiper” App Bluetooth – GSM
Bluetooth receiver y
Connect module (GPS – GSM) y
PIN Code y
GPS Alarm (Geofence) y
Blade type 4 knives
Cutting width (cm) 36
Blade speed (RPM) 2500
Min – Max cutting height (mm) 20-65
Cutting height adjustment Automatic
“Spiral” cutting system y
“GPS Assisted” cutting system♦ ♦ y
W-Shield System y
W-Shield Extra System y
#NAME? y
Eco mode (Self program) y
Handling of closed areas y
Docking station cover y
Signal type TX-C1-BT
Max wire lenght (Mt) 1000
Battery charger (Amp/Watt) 10.0A-300W
Recharging mode Contact
Total weight in Kg (batteries included) 15,8
Protection level IPx5
dB(A) 63
Repairability index 8,2
Warranty 6 years