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Wiper Blitz XH2 200m²

From Zucchetti, the Wiper Blitz XH2 is designed to maintain small areas near the house. This robot does not require a perimeter wire. Once the plot is properly prepared, the robot only needs to be charged and turned on. When the robot is switched on, its start time can be delayed.

This easy to use Robot has no charging station. When the work is completed or the batteries are discharged, the lawnmower stops and you must  It must be taken to the place of loading and recharged.

Grass detection sensors detect the surface under the robot. When it is determined that there is no more grass under the robot, the robot stops and changes direction. Fall-stair detection sensors detect if the robot is approaching a step or a sudden fall of a surface. To avoid falling, the robot stops and changes direction.
The Robot along with obstacle sensors is also reinforced with a bumper allowing it to easily detect and navigate hedges, flower beds and ponds etc.
The brushless motors and powerful lithium ion batteries allow adequate working cycles and managing slopes up to 50%.

About Zucchetti:
* Zuchetti, manufaturer of Wiper, was founded 1985 in Italy, and are a world leader in automation, and renewable technologies.
* Over 18 years in the Robotic Lawnmower market
* Products are Hand Built in Italy
* 98% of the components used are European made, with batteries and PCB boards being manufactured on-site
* Every product individually tested by hand as it comes off the assembly line