The RT series combines a modern and sophisticated design with outstanding cutting performance on medium sized lawns. It comes with numerous smart features.

With the outstanding traction of the high traction wheels, slopes of up to 30 percent are no problem for the new RT series.

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With the outstanding traction of the absolutely all-terrain wheels, slopes of up to 30 percent are no problem for our new RT series. The compact 18 cm cutting width impresses with flawless cutting results even on uneven ground thanks to the pendulum-suspended mowing deck. At the same time, the specially developed cutting system always ensures the perfect cut at cutting heights of 15-60 mm. Low engine speeds and an optimized brush motor drive ensure absolutely quiet operation at all times of the day.

The self-cleaning mulching deck significantly reduces maintenance requirements. With the included 200 m boundary wire and 250 lawn pegs, you can start setting up your new Robomow right away. The battery is designed for an area of 700 m² with a mowing time of 90 minutes and a charging time of 180 minutes – which can definitely be split up thanks to the programmable 2 starting points.


Model number 22ATDABB619
Recommended lawn size [m2] 700
Cutting width 18
Cutting height 15 – 60
Sub-zones / separated zones 2 sub-zones, 2 separate zones
Installation material included
Number of pegs
Mowing motors DC Brush
Drive motors DC Brush
Max. incline mowing area 30% / 16,5°
Max. incline wire on slope 10% / 6°
Noise level 64 / 67,9 / 69
Mowing time 90 min
Charging time 180 min
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity spec 10,2 Ah
Power consumption 14 kWh/month
Anti-theft with App
Mowing schedule Standard
Modular design Standard
Floating deck Standard
Wire Standard
GSM module Standard
RoboHome as accessory (122-082-619)
Warranty 3 years