The RKS series combines a modern and sophisticated design with outstanding cutting performance on small lawns. It comes with numerous smart features.

With the outstanding traction of the high traction wheels, slopes of up to 30 percent are no problem for the new RKS series.

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Model number 22AKAABB619
Recommended lawn size [m2] 800
Cutting width 19
Cutting height 20–70
Sub-zones / separated zones 1 main zone, 4 sub-zones, separate zones
Installation material included
Number of pegs
Mowing motors DC Brushless
Drive motors DC Brushless
Max. incline mowing area 35% / 19°
Max. incline wire on slope 20% / 11°
Noise level 52 / 63 / 64
Mowing time 50 min
Charging time 60 min
Battery type 18,5 V Li-Ion
Battery capacity spec 2,5 Ah / 46,3 Wh
Power consumption 2,8 kWh/month
Anti-theft Standard
Mowing schedule Standard
Modular design
Floating deck Standard
Wire Standard
GSM module
RoboHome Available as accessory (122-080-619)
Warranty 3 years + 1 year with product registration