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RC312 Pro S with Garage

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This product contains a free Robomow home (Shelter). If your garden is in the 0-1200+ m2 range, this is the mower for you! Sleek, streamlined and with a Base Station and a Shelter (Robohome) that can be hidden from sight for a more aesthetic look and feel, the Robomow RC312 is discreet, compact and extraordinarily precise. For added convenience and extra remote control, you can even regulate when and how often you mow, from your very own Smartphone using the free App!

The RC312Pro can be professionally installed it does not contain wire and pegs for do it yourself install, these can be purchased for €160 . We will give free advice on the installation. It can also be professionally installed by us.


Price  (with Robohome) €1,949
 Lawn Size *  1200+ m2
Base Station 
Mowing Width 28 cm
Mowing Height 15-60 mm
Mowing Motors 200 W
Blade Speed 3000 rpm
Slopes up to 36% (20°) degrees
Size 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm
Weight 20 Kg
Number of zones 6
Charging Time  70-90 min
Average Work Time * 60-70 min
Color Green
Blades Replacement No tools required
Battery 26V Lithium (LiFePO4)
Noise level ECO mode: 64 dB High Load: Measured – 67.9 dB Guar
External base setup
Power Consumption 18 kWh/month
Rain Sensor
Modular Design
Snap-on Blades
Unique Edge Mode
Floating Deck X
GSM Module for RC/TC/RS/TS models (incl 24 months communication) y
Robomow App*
Premium Drive Wheels
Silver Plated Parts
Warranty 2Years

* Depending grass type and condition

Pro is Professional install. Do it yourself kit with our free installation advice is €160.