Golf ball picker

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We have developed a robotic golf ball picker to which makes easy work of collecting balls on driving ranges.

It operates silently and efficiently without emitting loud noises, fumes or requiring any manual input; saving time and money when it comes to range management.

The days of noisy and disruptive buggy ball collectors are over. We at Robot Mower have created a golf ball picker which operates silently and efficiently without disturbing play or damaging the range surface.

Saves time and money

This ballpicker system is conveniently designed to operate without requiring any manual input. This entirely automatic operation removes any need for human operation therefore saving hours of labour and making the machine highly cost-effective.

Latest technology

The golf ball picker is designed using the latest mechanical technology, using hard and resilient materials which make it long-lasting and protect it from damage from golf balls as play continues.

It also uses sonar detection technology to avoid objects in its path, with its protective panel providing a secondary barrier to prevent damage to any objects as well as the machine. The area to be covered by the picker is determined by a perimeter wire which can be placed according to your own specifications.

Electrically powered

No fuel is required, which means no harmful emissions, making our golf ball picker much more environmentally friendly in comparison to fuel-powered buggies which perform the same role with a human operator.

Efficient and high-capacity operation

Our picker can hold up to 300 balls at one time, and its opening system automatically unloads when necessary without requiring any manual assistance. Once unloaded and recharged at the recharge station, the machine will return to the job in hand, working on a constant cycle.

Not only this, but this golf ball picker has been cleverly designed to simultaneously recharge and unload to provide maximum efficiency and require minimal management.

Minimal disruption

It works in small sections at a time to ensure that little disruption to play occurs, but it works constantly, so that no time is lost compared to manual picking; as it is able to operate for up 2.5hrs without reloading or recharging.

Lightweight and compact

Our golf ball picker is lightweight and small, making it easy to transport and set in operation. It also operates without putting pressure on the balls, preventing any damage to your range surface, therefore maintaining higher quality grass when compared with the damage caused by repeated use of large buggy collectors.


Our golf ball picker also works well in coordination with Bigmow on driving ranges. Bigmow is our robotic mower which operates automatically to maintain large areas of lawn, working automatically and efficiently to save you time and money. See more information about this product here.