Full installation of Robomow RX Robotic Mowers

Full installation of Robomow RX Robotic Mowers

  • €350,00
Tax included.

Full installation of Robomow RX Robotic Mowers

Full installation of Robomow RX Robotic Mowers 

Robomow is designed to be self-installed, and comes with everything you require to do this in the box. However, we understand you may prefer to have your Robomow installed for you, so we offer a complete professional installation service by fully trained Robomow approved installers.

How It Works

One of our installers will contact you directly to learn about your garden and arrange an installation date.

We fully install your Robomow and complete the one-time setup.

We will set up a basic configuration designed to get your Robomow ready to cut. This includes operating times, safety and security options. You can customise all of these at any point to best suit your lifestyle.

You will get a demonstration and advice on maintenance and care of the machine to maximise its operating life. We recommend that you take time to understand the settings so you can adjust these as required.

Let's Mow
All you have to do is sit back and let Robomow do the work.

What's Included?
* All planning, one visit installation & basic settings.
* Multi-zone setup; main zone plus one additional zone.
* Subsequent zones are €50 each.
* All travel expenses by the installer.
* Full time required to complete the installation.
* Training about your Robomow & demonstration.
* Setup & registration of mobile application if required.

** If the installer requires additional accessories, beyond those included in the box, these are chargeable separately.

After Your Installation
Once your Robomow has been installed, we will leave you with additional pegs, perimeter wire and repair connectors to allow you to make small configuration changes to suit your lawn as your garden develops.

Make Mowing Easier
After your Robomow is installed, we recommend that you connect it to the mobile application (where possible) to make managing your robot and its settings as quick and easy as possible.