Suitable Lawns for a Robotic Mower

Use this tool to measure your lawn.

How do I know if a robot mower will work for my garden?

If your lawn can be cut using a walk-behind mower, Robomow® will work in your garden.


How do I know which Robomow model to choose for my garden?

There are 2 basic criteria to consider: size of the lawn and whether you need a base station or not. The RL2000 and the RM510 are both supplied with a base station, providing full automation. These models will automatically depart from the station at pre-set scheduled times. With other models, all you have to do is drive Robomow to the lawn and press the GO button. To see the full comparison between models, click here.


I have trees and other objects in my lawn. How will it work around them?

Trees or other areas within the lawn that should not be accessible to the mower are handled in one of two ways. If the object is rigid and at least six inches (20cm) tall, the mower simply bumps into them, as the bumper sensors will detect the small impact and cause the mower to change direction. Other areas, like a flowerbed or swimming pool, are excluded from the cutting area by using the same wire as installed on the perimeter. The object is simply looped out during installation of the perimeter wire. The inbound and outbound leads of the wire used to loop out the object are installed right next to one another. This causes the signal in this section of the wire to cancel, allowing the mower full access around the obstacle, but keeping it out of the area excluded.


If I cut my lawn while I am away or at night, I’m afraid it will be stolen.

Most Robomow models include a TheftGuard deterrent system, which enables you to select a personal 4-digit code that must be entered for each use. The mower is totally useless to anyone else without the code. The RL mowers weigh approximately 75 pounds (35 kg) with battery, so it is not easily carried away. If the mower is operating, one must know how to stop it.

Robomow is also very quiet, so it will attract little attention when running unattended. While theft of our personal property is an unfortunate aspect of our daily lives, we have seen no trend for theft of the Robomow. This is of course a personal decision, and must be weighed on your own experience in your community and neighbourhood.


Since it moves across the lawn in many different directions, won’t I have lawn stripes that make my lawn look like a puzzle?

The Robomow does not leave stripes on your lawn after cutting; it leaves a striking smooth uniform appearance. Since it does not create a large air flow from the blade rotation, it will not lay the grass down similar to a walk mower, which is what creates stripes. However, since it is moving across the grass in all directions it offers a much better quality of cut than a traditional walk behind.


But I like stripe on my lawn!

A traditional walk mower has to leave stripes, there is no choice. So, if you must have stripes, it would be preferable to have them look nice and neat. With the Robomow, there are no stripes, so no need to worry!


I have more than one lawn – can I install a Robomow?

Yes – the RM510 and RL2000 models can maintain up to 4 lawns completely automatically. Robomow can be installed to travel from lawn to lawn, across pathways, over driveways, etc. automatically without any intervention required by you. This gives you 100% automation.


The outdoor base station versions (RM510 and RL2000) are not enclosed – are they suitable for use under rainy conditions?

Yes – everything is fully waterproof. Both Robomow and the base station are fully weatherproof and an onboard rain sensor can determine grass and weather conditions, and adjust its program accordingly. The contacts for the charging station are made from surgical grade stainless steel and will not corrode.