Maintenance and Service

Does it have a guarantee?

Yes. Two full years from the date of purchase. One year for the battery.

Does rain or water hurt the mower?

Under normal circumstances, a unit exposed to rain will not be damaged. However, should it begin raining while it is operating; there is no problem for the Robomow. All models are equipped with a rain sensor and you may choose, by adjusting the sensitivity, not to allow operation while it is raining. It is prohibited to wash Robomow with a water hose, particularly from the underside.

Do I have to keep up with the charging process and unplug the charger when the battery becomes completely charged?

No, the charger is equipped with a float control, allowing the charger to remain connected at all times without risk of damage. In fact, this is the recommended procedure between uses and for winter storage.

What is the cost of electricity to recharge the battery?

This depends on the model you are using, size of garden and frequency of operation, but typical figures are very low, no more than €15 per year for an entire year of operation.