How does the Robomow work?

How does it work?

A small wire is pegged to the ground around the perimeter of your lawn, a similar type of technology that invisible pet containment systems use. This is a one-time setup and takes about as long as it does to mow your lawn one time. This wire will virtually disappear from sight in two to three weeks in normal growing conditions. This wire forms the virtual fence for the Robomow, containing it to the area you are mowing.

How long will it take to mow my lawn?

Generally speaking, it takes a bit longer for the Robomow to mow than a walk-behind mower, but this is insignificant since you can do other things while the mower is busy. Total time will depend on size of yard and also on the model chosen.

Remember, with Robomow you may cut your grass whenever you choose, any time day or night. Since you are free to spend this time elsewhere, it is truly a time-saving product.

What happens to the clippings?

Robomow is a dedicated mulcher and the healthiest way to manage clippings for your lawn. It mulches in one or three separate chambers using high RPM motors (5800 RPM). The result is more effective mulching than most conventional mowers, leaving smaller clippings that disappear into the roots of the grass. These smaller clippings provide for quick decomposition into a natural fertilizer for your lawn. There is absolutely no need to collect the clippings.

What about slopes?

If a slope is currently being cut safely with a walk-behind, the Robomow will handle it fine.

Will it work with an invisible dog fence?

Robomow has been tested with several different systems, with little or no adverse effect.

What about flowerbeds and ponds?

Robomow stays within the wire round the edge of the lawn. It cannot cross over and stray into other areas.

How do I get it to cut the lawn edge?

Robomow is the only robotic mower with blades that cut outside the wheels and a unique Edge mode, which enables it to follow the perimeter wire for complete coverage of the lawn edges.

Is the Robomow safe, I’m worried about it running when I am not around?

Robomow meets or exceeds all CPSC mandated requirements for walk behind mowers. Safety sensors that detect bumping into an object, sensors that detect a lift of the cutting deck, child lock safety features and manual operator presence controls all add in significant safety measures far above those found on conventional walk mowers today. It simply is the safest way to mow your lawn.