Wiper Premium C80 800m²

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Wiper Premium C80 800m²

The Wiper C80 Robotic Lawnmower is compact and efficient for small and complex gardens. Wiper C80 was designed to mow gardens of up to 800m² with narrow and tight spaces. The smart cutting algorithm and Eco Mode sensor ensure complete mowing of the lawn and optimisation of the working times.

About Zucchetti: Wiper
* Zuchetti was founded 1985 in Italy, and are a world leader in automation, and renewable technologies.
* Over 18 years in the Robotic Lawnmower market
* Products are Hand Built in Italy
* 98% of the components used are European made, with batteries and PCB boards being manufactured on-site
* Every product individually tested by hand as it comes off the assembly line

At A Glance - the Wiper C6 Robotic Lawnmower:
* Designed to mow gardens of up to 600m² with narrow and tight spaces. 
* The smart cutting algorithm and Eco mode sensor ensure complete mowing of the lawn
* Optimised working times. 
* Simple and intuitive display
* Mow up to 2 separate areas
* The multi-edge solid blade mulches cuttings into tiny pieces. 
* Eco mode Sensor
* Recognises the mown areas of lawn and reduce working times to the benefit of the lawn and reduce wear on the robot
* Spiral Cut 
* Grass Detection: can detect areas of long and thick. Once it reaches areas like these, it begins mowing in a spiral to focus all of its efforts..
* Built in rain sensor
* Tripod design; all three wheels are always in contact with the ground allowing the mower to follow your lawns contours for an improved finish. 
* Fully automatic operation; Departs, mows & returns to recharge autonomously
* Bluetooth receiver; Use the 'Wiper Remote' App from iOS and Android devices. You can update the software too.
* Super sharp 4 point solid blade
* Close to edge cutting
* Everything you need to get mowing is included in the box (docking station, perimeter wire, pegs)
* Safety
* Lift & Tip Sensors, Emergency Stop Button, Safety PIN code enabled
* Rubber bumper; protects the mower and any obstacles the mower may bump into from marks. 

Specifications Wiper C6 Robotic Lawnmower - Up To 600m²:

Max sq.mt suggested (-20%) 600
Motor type Brushed
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 1 x 2.5 Ah
Max allowable slope (%) 45%
Max Slope (%) 35%
Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average working time +-20% 00:50hrs
Recharge mode Contact

Cutting System
Blade type Knive med 4 blader
Cutting width 25 cm
Cutting height 25-60 mm
Spiral Cutting Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Maximum managed areas 3

Control Devices
User Interface Display
APP Control Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
SMS Alert No

Lifting/Tip-over sensor Yes
Push/Stop emergency Button Yes
PIN Code Yes

Standard equipment for installation 
Charging Station Yes
Cover Recharging Base: Optional

Weight with Batteries Incl. (Kg) 9,8
Robot Dimension (lxpxh) 540x450x252 mm
Power Sound - db(A) 65
Level of protection IP44
Simple and intuitive display
Manage up to 3 separate areas
Slopes up to 45%
2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery
Eco Mode Sensor
Bluetooth Receiver
2 Year Warranty

The C series models are the "babies" of the Wiper Premium family, but with all of the technology of the range, they boast impressive performance. The Wiper Premium C Series line was designed and built for small and medium-sized gardens. They feature the precision and agility to move, even in gardens with tight areas or small manoeuvring spaces. The models cover cutting areas from 600m² to 2000m² with slopes of up to 45% and can adapt to all surfaces. They also have user-friendly interfaces and menus on the control panel display, which allow easy programming of the work type, areas and activation times of the robot.

·Transmitter built into the recharging base 
· Front recharging 
· Rear zip opening with locking clip 
· Dual front coil 
· Motherboard with gyroscope and display in the top of the body 
· Return to base at cable and V-meter system (C6 only) 
· Easy installation 
· Safety lifting sensor 
· 3 wheels (2 driven) 
· Emergency stop button in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Directive 
· Lifting safety in accordance with 60335-2-107 
· Finger test in accordance with 60335-2-107 
· Foot, Hand, Child's arm testing in accordance with 60335-2-107 
· IEC 60730-1 safety software in accordance with 60335-2-107 
· Instructions updated in accordance with 60335-2-107 
· Robot lawnmower EN 60335-2-207 
· EN 61508-3:2010 
· Patented anti-cut blade